General Provisions

Following regulations determine MB „Stiliaus industrija“ (hereinafter – Seller) and purchaser (hereinafter – Client), common mutual rights, obligations and responsibility while purchasing goods in E-Shop.

  1. Following regulations are applied, when Client uses E-Shop in any way or method, prepares the goods order of E-Shop, completes payments for following goods, provides personal or other details, reads information in E-Shop, comments and rates goods and not limiting by these. (hereinafter everything – Services).
  2. Regulations are considered as Contracted, signed between Client and MB „Stiliaus industrija“ (hereinafter – Administrator) (legal entity code: 303404588, address - Griežlės g. 27-2, Užliedžių k., Kauno r., LT 54303, Lithuania).
  3. While pressing button „Payment“, at the time of the order formation, Client approves, that he carefully read all Regulations, understood their content and without any reservations accepts with all provisions stated in these Regulations and commits to follow them. If Client does not agree to unconditionally and irrevocably accept and follow all obligations, which are determined by these Regulations, Client does not have right to use any E-Shop Services.
  4. If losses occur due to the fact that Client regardless to any provided recommendations and its obligations, does not familiarize with Shop Regulations, even if such opportunity was provided for him, Shop is forgiven from all responsibilities.
  5. Shop reserves the right, to change Regulations at any time. Client must only follow regulations, which were valid during the purchasing period.

Purchase – Sales Contract Formation

  1. When Purchaser chooses goods, which are offered for him, he must form shopping cart.
  2. When Purchaser completes Shopping cart, Purchaser enters necessary data for order (name, last name, telephone, delivery address etc.).
  3. Contract is considered formed from the moment when purchaser presses button „I confirm my order“. After order is sent, Purchases receives approval about Contract formation.
  4. From this moment, Client is obliged to pay for ordered goods, by prices that were valid now and to receive following goods.

Goods and Prices

  1. Characteristics of every good is described near it.
  2. Public presentation of goods does not obligate Administrator to transfer the Goods.
  3. Shop reserves right to change the supply of the goods every moment.
  4. Shop does not take responsibility for inaccurate and (or) incomplete information about good. It‘s color, form and other parameters can be different, because of used for viewing monitor can have different properties and (or) settings.
  5. The prices of the specific goods are specified at the description of every good. Shop commits to sell good for prices, which are valid and applied during the moment of the order.
  6. VAT is already added to the price of the goods.
  7. The delivery price and cash fee for courier is not included to the price of the goods. The delivery fee depends on the chosen delivery method.

Payment and Delivery

  1. Purchaser commits to pay for the ordered goods in one working day. Using payment form, which is offered by Seller. If Purchaser does pay for the goods by set period, it is considered that Purchaser refuses to follow contract obligations, therefore Seller has right to stop the order processing.
  2. Administrator starts formation of order goods package, only when full payment for goods is received.
  3. Acceptable payment methods:
  4. By electronic bank link | and by all credit and debit cards.
  5. By Bank wire.
  6. If the good is in stock, it will be shipped within 1 w.d. If the good is not in stock, it will be shipped within 5-15 w.d. This information is available to each item. The Delivery Method of Goods:
  7. By registered priority shipment to EU countries. Delivery time: 5-12 working days since the order payment was received and good was shipped. Delivery by post to EU countries additionally costs 9.60 EUR.

Rights and Obligations of Purchaser

  1. Purchaser has right to purchase good by provisions, conditions and order, which is provided by the Shop.
  2. Purchaser commits to pay agreed price for goods and to accept them, by the term, which was determined in regulations.
  3. If Purchaser provides inaccurate data or inappropriate address, Purchaser commits to pay all additional delivery costs for Seller, which occurred, because of his fault.
  4. Purchaser has right to refuse to sign Purchase – Sales contract with GlosStyle e-shop, by reporting about such decision to Seller by email or telephone.

Rights and Obligations of the Seller

  1. Seller has right to edit regulations unilaterally. Regulations, which were valid during order submission of the order, are considered as valid.
  2. If it is needed, Seller has right to get information, which identifies purchaser and its right to form contract.


  1. Any item, which was purchased in GlosStyle can be returned in 14 days since the goods were delivered.
  2. Goods can only be returned if item was not used, broken and does not lost its marketable appearance. The appearance change of item or its packaging, if it was needed to view item, is not considered essential change of item appearance.
  3. Item delivery fee is unreturnable.
  4. If item was bought by using discount coupon, discount coupon is returned, and left amount is returned. Discount coupons cannot be changed to cash.
  5. Returning items must be shipped to: MB „Stiliaus industrija“, Griunvaldo g. 4-26, Kaunas, LT-44330, Lithuania. It is recommended to send items by registered post.
  6. You must send VAT invoice with items and the item return request, which you can found here <<Download>> .
  7. When item is returned, cash is returned in 1-10 working days period since the receipt of returned items.


Privacy Policy

  1. When Client is ordering items registration is not necessary, however when performing order, it is necessary to fill goods ordering form, where all necessary personal Client data for the delivery of the order is provided: Name, last name, email, goods delivery address, telephone number, delivery method and other delivery methods, necessary to deliver the goods.
  2. Client approves, that he/she grants Administrator the right to collect, gather, systemize, use and manage any Client provided personal data, which Client provided directly or indirectly for the Administrator by visiting Shop and using its Services, by the legal methods of Republic of Lithuania and the regulations of this Contract.
  3. Administrator commits not to disclose any information about Client for third parties, except Administrator‘s partners, which provide services related to the processing of Client order. Personal Client data can be disclosed only in cases provided in Republic of Lithuania laws and regulations.
  4. By registration or performing order, Client approves that he/she is adult (over 18 years old) and has right to purchase in this shop.
  5. By registration, Client commits not to disclose anyone its log in details for anyone. Also when Clients finishes work in system related to order processing, he/she must log our from Shop system, to be sure that no one will access its account, especially if Client is using public PC (for example: in university, internet cafes and so on). If Client forgets to log out from E-Shop system when he/she finishes working there, Administrator does not take any responsibility for Client‘s data protection.
  6. Client approves, that he know the fact if he/she will surf in E-Shop, cookies will be save in its computer. Cookies – are data, which is transferred from the E-Shop to Clients computer hard drive, usage of Cookies, does not provide Administrator access to Client personal information. Administrator uses Cookies, only for identification needs of Client‘s computer, and it provides Administrator opportunity to offer better Service quality for Client. Most of the internet browser accept Cookies automatically (according to its settings), however Client can refuse using Cookies or to partially limit them, by changing certain options in browser. In that case, certain E-Shop services cannot run properly.
  7. Personal data of Client will be saved no less than 5 years from its last log in to E-Shop by using his/her log in data.
  8. Administrator has right to limit or stop completely Client access to E-Shop services at any time.
  9. Client personal data (email) can be used for direct marketing purposes (sending newsletter) only by getting Client approval (you have possibility not to provide such approval) You provide such approval by filling you email address to the order from of newsletter or marking tick in order form that you accept to receive Glosstyle newsletters. You will always have possibility to cancel such approval, by following directions in received newsletter.

Final Provisions

  1. All disputes between purchaser and seller are settled by negotiation method. If parties fail to compromise by negotiation method, all disputes are solved by Laws and Regulations of Republic of Lithuania.