Italy – representative dictating elegance, subtle and luxurious fashion tendencies. The most famous fashion house designers were born in Italy, and elegance and peculiar style is in the blood of all Italians.

Our Goal is to wake the Italian fashion feeling inside you, to inspire courage to look distinctive and sexy and to do everything that you would not be recognized on street.

„GlosStyle“ presents unique brands "POIS", "Think Chic", "Re Fashion", "Magilla" and "Mey Italia".

"POIS" is a way of being as well as a way of dressing. An extraordinary and creative way, for women who are confident in their own ideas, trust their own emotions and are ready to reinvent themselves each day with awesome determination. Each element of the POIS total-look is exclusively planned and designed by Style Office head-quartered in Milan. The details and the finishing touches are luxurious: satin linings, lace trims, and the use of natural materials are some of the characterizing elements of the POIS brand. POIS has been representing Italian fast-fashion for the last 25 years.

"Think Chic" integrates technologies and materials, the past and the future of fashion and individuality. Think Chic is an innovative line that creates designer Laura TRABUCCO through which she expresses her passion for style. Think chic is strong, sophisticated woman, self-confident, which do not express their style through traditional norms. This is the woman who creates trends rather than follow them. Think chic clothing line are of high quality and strictly made in Italy.

"Mey Italia" - the GlosStyle brand, which quickly gain your interest. Clothes are very comfortable from very good material and attractive price.

„Re Fashion“ - clothing line designed for young, impetuous women, who creates peculiar style and are not afraid to look unique. Clothes from „Re Fashion“ are daring and at the same time sensual.

„Magilla“ clothing line radiates real Italian luxury and femininity. Those clothes are designed for women, who like to emphasize their femininity and to be in the center of the attention.

In addition to a great range of Italian clothes, in our store you will find clothes of well-known European manufacturers for the extremely attractive price. You can take a tour in HEINE, CLASS INTERNATIONAL, APART, BUFFALO, ASHLEY BROOK, LAURA SCOTT, PATRIZIA DINI and other designer collections, which are always with large discounts.

We want to offer high quality clothes for delightful price!